Monday, November 7, 2011

pleasure does not mean happiness

"Although there are no easy solutions to avoiding these destructive pleasures, fortunately we have a place to begin: the simple reminder that what we are seeking in life is happiness. As the Dali Lama points out, that is an unmistakable fact. If we approach out choices in life keeping that in mind, it is easier to give up the things that are ultimately harmful to us, even if those things being us momentary pleasure. The reason why it is unusually difficult to "Just say no!" is found in the word "no"; that approach is associated with a sense of rejecting something, of giving up something, of denying ourselves.

But there is a better approach: framing any decision we face by asking ourselves, :Will it bring me happiness?" That simple question can be a powerful tool in helping us skillfully conduct all areas of our lives, not just in the decision whether to indulge in drugs or that third piece of banana cream pie. It puts a new slant on things. Approaching our daily decisions and choices with this question in mine shifts the focus from what we are denying ourselves to what we are seeking - ultimate happiness. A kind of happiness, as defined by the Dali Lama, that is stable and persistent. A state of happiness that remains, despite life's ups and downs and normal fluctuations of mood, as part of the very matrix of our being.  With this perspective, it's easier to make the "right decision" because we are acting to give ourselves something, not denying or withholding something from ourselves - an attitude of moving toward rather that moving away, an attitude of embracing life rather than rejecting it. This underlying sense of moving toward happiness can have a very profound effect; it makes us more receptive, more open, to the joy of living" - from The Art of Happiness

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

and it's hard to dance with a devil on your back

with the recent release of florence and the machine's new album ceremonials, i've been inspired to start this up again. not sure if anyone is out there listening but here we go...
"shake it off" is the first single released from this album and it's truly something special. music, beat, lyrics and video are all so inspiring and just make you want to get up and swing your body around. This is my method for full absorption of the song:
1. listen to the music and the beat
2. watch the video 
3. read the lyrics (more than once) 
4. blast it in your room and dance until you shake off every devil on your back