Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fuck Yeah, Tattoos in French

I was introduced to the blog, Fuck Yeah, Tattoos, about a year ago and ever since have been an avid follower. I always seem find myself gravitating towards the tattoos of words, noticing a couple of things: What does it say? If it's not in english, what does it translate to? What language is it? Who said it? What does it mean? Where is it from? What does it mean to the individual? What is the font? I think because I have contemplated putting words on my body, I like to see what others choose and why. When searching through the archives last night, I came across this tattoo and loved it. Not only is the saying so unique, it's in French and the inspiration behind it is great. 

It translates to: "I fear of becoming an adult without dreams"and it was spray painted on the side of a building during her trip to France. 

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